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Case study

Collaboration within people-based systems fosters strength and growth.

PEEL HR has worked with organisations to design systems in:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Pathways to Performance
  • Collaborative Enterprise Negotiations
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Values Development
  • Competency systems

A case study in dispute resolution design

PEEL recently worked with a large organisation that was embarking on a comprehensive process to review and rebuild their dispute resolution system. PEEL’s solution was to create a collaborative workplace environment through a multi-dimensional approach that involved:

  1. The development of a collaborative framework for managing workplace concerns and conflict.
  2. Lifting the capability of leaders and employees to communicate and via constructive conversations.
  3. Ensuring that robust, effective, and aligned case management processes are employed, and the provision of a toolbox to support the system employed.
  4. Promoting an ongoing preventative focus.

The outcomes:

  • Engagement - through consultation with key stakeholders
  • Compliance - with industrial instruments and legislation, including those relating to workplace bullying
  • Integration - a greater alignment of previously disparate systems
  • Clarity - a clear system that incorporates alternative avenues of resolution for employees, together with a clear description of criteria that promotes informal and early resolution
  • Collaborative Behaviours - actively promoting collaborative opportunities within organisations
  • Supported Implementation - through promoting capacity building and providing focused resources