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Reviews and prevention

For sustainable outcomes we believe in Reviews and Prevention. PEEL HR supports businesses in their ongoing journey toward collaboration through reviews and preventative support.

We assist you in evaluating your team culture and operations, and support continued growth through a number of different ways including team effectiveness review, team planning, behaviour programs, collaborations, reviews and strategic planning.

Team Effectiveness Reviews

A Team Effectiveness Review provides organisations with a strong overview of the health of a team and its performance. It evaluates the team environment and operations against optimum teams. This is a way to clarify expectations of team members in relation to service delivery or behaviours and to ensure alignment of team standards. Reviews are tailored to each individual setting but can include an evaluation of:

  • The effectiveness of communication within the team
  • How the team interacts within the organisation
  • The effectiveness and capacity of the team structure
  • The behaviours of the team
  • The effectiveness of communication within the team
  • How the team interacts within the organisation

The output of the review is an analysis and Action Plan of high, medium and low priority recommendations.

Team Planning

PEEL HR's assistance in a Team Planning process will assist your team to identify shared goals and key focus areas. During the Team Planning the team will also identify the systems and structural supports necessary to ensure the new commitments and engagement plan are achieved and sustainable.

Values and/or Behaviours Programs

A Values and Behaviour Program can be conducted with teams or the whole organisation. The Program allows the group to identify 'key value areas‚’ and supportive behaviours that will strengthen relationships and performance within the team.

Collaboration Workshops

The Collaboration Workshop allows a team to understand how collaboration can deliver bottom-line results and the importance of building cross-functional cohesion. The team will determine what collaboration means within their team and their unique environment. They will together undertake activities that synthesise their skills and capability to turn diversity into collaboration. By the conclusion of the Workshop the team will commit to clear behavioural expectations if they do not have them already and will have instilled a collaborative culture.

HR Reviews & Strategic Planning Facilitations

HR Reviews and Strategic Planning have allowed organisations to gain insight into the effectiveness of their HR function by obtain vital information that will allow them to leverage the position of the HR function to support the achievement of business objectives. PEEL HR then works with the HR function by facilitating this information and data into the HR strategic planning processes.

Collaborative Enterprise Negotiation – planning, support and/or facilitation

PEEL HR is passionate about the benefits of Collaborative Enterprise Negotiations. It is a program based on an interest based negotiations model. We promote a collaborative approach, wherein rapport building and information sharing are critical. Our level of support can be tailored to your needs. PEEL HR will assist in developing the system, building the capability within your negotiation team (management and employee representatives) and then supporting the negotiations through:

  • Full facilitation of the negotiation phase including management of a communication plan
  • Supporting employee representatives throughout the negotiations
  • Supporting management throughout the negotiations

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