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Leader Programs

PEEL's Leadership programs provide a series of learning and development experiences that allow leaders to build their behaviours and lead a collaborative culture, and to encourage healthy and robust conversations. Listed are the PEELHR Training and Programs for Leader Development.

Leading healthy conversations

Having healthy conversations is one of the most important skills for leaders today. However, we often avoid having those discussions that challenge us, or we handle them poorly. This program provides leaders will skills to navigate 'those' conversations you have to have.

Leading collaboration

What is real collaboration and how can you achieve it in your teams? This program looks at providing leaders with an understanding of the requirements needed to promote collaboration and reap the rewards of its benefits.

Managing for Performance

This program is focused on providing the practical skills and knowledge of performance management processes and techniques. The program aims to equip frontline leaders with the skills to traverse the breadth of coaching, counseling and disciplining techniques and to apply the appropriate skills. It also provides the day-to-day know-how for satisfying the legal requirements around performance management processes.

Manager as a coach

Train your leaders in how to coach people, to lift their performance, to reduce the noise in the workplace, to motivate people to do what you want in this practical program. Key topics covered are: what is coaching and where can it help?; simple practical tools to apply; and insights into people and why behave the way they do.

Managing concerns

As a leader when you are approached by an employee with a workplace concern, what do you do? Do you know how to do an initial assessment? Do you know that avenues are available to you to resolve the concern? This program equips leaders with techniques to effectively manage employee concerns.

Mediation for managers

This program gives leaders the core competencies to turn conflict between employees into an opportunity for a collaborative outcome. It provides solid conflict management skills and a framework for informally mediating workplace conflict to prevent escalation and potential bullying complaints. The program is different to others in that it promotes a holistic risk management approach to resolving workplace conflict which aligns to the Workplace Health & Safety Act, Draft Code on Preventing & Responding to Workplace Bullying.

Frontline investigations

Providing frontline leaders with the knowledge of how to respond immediately when faced with a misconduct or employee complaint (e.g. bullying complaint). An understanding of the importance of following correct procedures and why a consistent approach across the business is critical. A knowledge of these processes ensures frontline leaders possess a high level of confidence that they are doing the right thing.

Respectful workplace program

Providing an overview of the leaders EEO obligations as they pertain to legislation and organisational EEO policies.

Collaborative enterprise negotiations planning

The program is aimed at supporting negotiators in embarking on enterprise bargaining under the Fair Work Act. Detailed planning for enterprise bargaining allows negotiators to take control of the negotiation process and ensure open and effective communication to employees to keep them informed of content and progress. Preparation allows the business to ensure momentum in the negotiations and prevent protracted sagas by using the tools available. The program prepares participants by giving them a sound footing and confidence in understanding the landscape and different bargaining models, and, in applying a framework for strategic planning prior to commencing bargaining. It also provides participants with a framework for negotiations and broadens their repertoire of negotiation tactics and skills in consultation and bargaining.

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