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System design

We design systems.
Collaboration within people-based systems fosters strength and growth. Flexible organisation structures, values, competencies and underpinning behaviours are the roots that support the "Tree of Collaboration" and foster its growth. We believe that systems should be consciously designed and actively managed to support collaborative activity.

PEEL HR has worked with organisations to design systems in:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Pathways to Performance
  • Collaborative Enterprise Negotiations
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Values Development
  • Competency systems

Collaborative Enterprise Negotiations

PEEL HR is passionate about the benefits of Collaborative Enterprise Negotiations. It is a program that employs an interest based negotiation model. We promote a collaborative approach to negotiations where rapport building and information sharing are critical.

Our level of support can be tailored to your needs. PEEL HR can support your organisation commencing at various entry points in your negotiation process. Following are the modules within PEEL’s Collaborative Enterprise Negotiation offering. You may choose to use only one of the modules or several in conjunction with one another.

Strategic Enterprise Bargaining

This module is aimed at supporting management representatives embarking on enterprise negotiations. It prepares the management team by giving them a sound footing and confidence in understanding the landscape, different bargaining models and a framework for strategic planning prior to commencing the negotiations. The program also provides participants with a framework for negotiations and broadens their repertoire of skills in consultation and bargaining, particular those required in an interests-based bargaining model.

The module centres around our 2 day Strategic Enterprise Negotiation Workshop Program.

PEEL HR also provides the following support where required:

  • Providing strategic and tactical advice throughout your negotiations
  • Facilitation of negotiation meetings
  • Formulating the Communication Plan to support your enterprise negotiation process
  • Lodging your enterprise agreement with the Fair Work Commission for approval.

Enterprise Negotiation Team

This module is aimed at the full negotiation team, management and employee representatives. It provides participants with an understanding of the requirements and opportunities for negotiations under the Fair Work Act, an understanding of bargaining models and plans for negotiations, applying a negotiation framework and understanding different negotiations skills. The program has a focus on interests-based negotiations.

While providing key skills in the negotiation process, it also provides an opportunity for building relationships within the negotiation team from the outset of the negotiation process. Outcomes of the module are a Memorandum of Understanding and a Communication Plan between the parties in relation to their forthcoming negotiations.

The module centres around a 1 day Enterprise Negotiation Team Program which is a great way to commence the formal negotiation phase.

Negotiation for Employee Representatives

PEEL HR provides training and advice to your employee representatives to support them through the enterprise negotiations. This is particularly suitable when the employee representatives are unskilled in the negotiation process and have no other support mechanisms.

The module centres around a 1 day Employee Representative Negotiation Program which focuses on providing participants with an understanding of their role as employee representatives, the legal and business landscape, negotiation frameworks and skills.

Additionally, PEEL offers the opportunity to utilise our assistance on a retained basis by buying a bank of advice hours so we are there to answer the employee representatives questions throughout the negotiation process.

Facilitation of Enterprise Negotiations

PEEL HR can act as an independent facilitator in your enterprise negotiations from the outset of the negotiations or at appropriate points throughout the negotiations when parties reach a difficult point or impasse.

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