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PEEL launches new programs

Thursday, May 25, 2017

To complement our successful Respectful Workplace Series, PEEL brings you the Diversity and Inclusion Introductory Workshop. PEEL believes inclusive cultures and a diverse workforce can drive innovation and collaboration, create trusted partnerships with your customers, suppliers and community partners, and contribute to the success and sustainability of your organisation.

Although there is more to workplace diversity than a single workshop can provide, our introductory Diversity and Inclusion Workshop does have the ability to increase awareness, impart knowledge, and educate employees on how to accept differences among fellow employees. It keeps the team talking about Diversity and Inclusion and how it applies to the work they perform every day, thereby assisting to break down the barriers.

The Introductory Diversity and Inclusion Workshop will support your internal D&I and EEO strategies and represents an opportunity for you to educate your employees about the importance and benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Rather than focusing on telling people what not to do, what not to say and what not to believe, this 2-hour introductory workshop focuses on helping people to work out what they can do - how they can proactively build inclusive workplaces.

Specifically the workshop covers….

  • What is Diversity and Inclusion about
  • The benefits of valuing Diversity and Inclusion within the workplace
  • What we each can do to encourage an inclusive workplace
  • Generalising v Stereotyping – what’s the difference and why does it matter
  • Unconscious Bias – what is it?
  • To have an awareness of your individual biases

Mediation for One….try Conflict Management Coaching as an alternative.

Conflict Management Coaching (CMC) is another option organisations can access through PEEL to support the resolution of conflict in the workplace. Conflict coaching supports the early resolution or management of conflict and restoration of working relationships. Using the CINERGY® Conflict Coaching Model, CMC is a structured process designed to adopt a supportive and problem solving approach to managing conflict.

A specially trained coach works one-on-one with the coachee who is experiencing conflict with another person, working with them to improve the way they manage and interact in their interpersonal workplace conflicts and disputes. It is a future-oriented process that focuses on each person’s specific conflict management goals. CMC is not therapy or counselling. The CM Coach does not provide advice or act as a representative but rather, helps people gain increased competence and confidence to manage their interpersonal conflicts. CMC enables the coachee to talk about the conflict with a neutral third party (the conflict coach), consider options for managing the conflict and explore options for managing the conflict with the other person.

CMC is designed to help people shift their thinking, perspectives and behaviour in relation to the conflict. It is about empowering the person in dealing with their conflicts. As people generally are unable to change other people’s behaviour, coaching assists them to work out strategies that they can use in dealing with the person with whom they are in conflict.

CMC is a voluntary and confidential process which generally encompasses a series of individual sessions (the number of session will vary depending on the particular brief). The CM coach can work with both parties to the conflict or one party. CMC is can be used when you first have grumblings of conflict manifesting or post a workplace investigation when parties need to move forward with their relationships.