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PEELs Interactive Guide for Leaders

Thursday, June 18, 2015


The PEEL Interactive Guide for Leaders: Resolving and Promoting a Respectful and Collaborative Workplace is a support tool developed for leaders when they are managing concerns in their teams.

PEEL is passionate about the early intervention of conflict in order to avoid its escalation to destructive stages that could involve bullying.  The key to early intervention is our leaders and ensuring they are skilled to identify and work to assist in the resolution of conflict.  Many times in our mediations, investigations and training we have heard from leaders that they have not assisted the resolution of conflict early because they haven’t known what to do or say.

Our Interactive Leaders Guide on resolving conflict and promoting a respectful and collaborative workplace is a tool that leaders can refer to on the job.  It contains very practical information and 5 short videos that leaders can watch to hear the words and be aware of the potential curve balls they might be thrown. 

Why not check out a snapshot of the Guide?

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