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Reflecting Rather Than Rushing

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Workplace conflict involves strong emotions. Employees will often come to managers feeling upset and hoping for some kind of intervention. Sometimes an immediate intervention is warranted but it is also worth considering the fact that any intervention is likely to escalate matters. Before initiating an intervention it is often worth helping the employee pause, reflect on the situation and consider whether there is a more personal and immediate solution available. A grieved employee may be able to make a change to their own behaviour, thoughts or attitudes that can resolve the concern without anyone else ever having to get involved. We could call this an ‘intrapersonal’ approach to conflict resolution since it relies on internal decisions and changes rather than requiring interaction with the other party.

The role of the leader in facilitating this approach to conflict resolution is to listen supportively to the concern (without necessarily agreeing with the points being raised), and to help the employee reflect on the situation by asking coaching questions such as:

  • Can you think of ways that you may have contributed to this situation?
  • How do you think the other person is seeing this situation?
  • What things could you do to bring about a resolution by yourself?
  • Is there a simple change to your own thinking or behaviour that you could make in order to solve this?
  • What advantages and disadvantages can you see to escalating this further?

Such questions can allow employees to express emotions, explore perceptions and weigh up the options available. Sometimes this is enough for the conflict to be resolved before it really gets started which helps minimise disruption to working relationships and productivity.

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Interactive Leaders Guide

PEEL HR have also developed an Interactive Leaders Guide that provides practical and engaging tips, checklists and videos so they are equipped to identify and facilitate healthy conflict within their teams. You can see a FREE VIDEO SAMPLE HERE.